SUMEC original generator manufacturing factory ONLY produces and SELLS three brands namely:“ ” “ ”& “ ” in nigeria market. Beware of FAKE as no other generator brand in the market has any relationship with SUMEC and they are NOT produced by sumec factory or represent SUMEC in any way. We engrave nothing but “ ”as anti-fake marks on key parts. other letters,such as “ ” ,are aboslutely fake.
  • Spare Parts

  • SPG series

  • ECO series

  • FPG series

  • Rugged Line

  • Ruby Series

SPARE PARTS Anti-Fake System Caution: If the anti-fake coating has been scratched or there’s no anti-fake label one the carton, please don’t buy.

Inquiry here if your Anti-fake sticker website is ( start use from 1st June 2014 )

If the anti-counterfeiting coating is scratched off or the anti-counterfeiting label is missing, do not purchase the product.