Building African Dream,Conveying Hope SUMEC FIRMAN Children Care Plan

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The sales team of SUMEC’s generator brand SUMEC FIRMAN for the Nigerian market, jointly with local distributors, has initiated the 2015 Children Care plan, visiting two orphanages in Lagos with daily necessities for the children there including items such as food, water, nutritional supplements, toys, books, and generators.

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    As an old African saying goes, “One person goes fast, but two people go further”. SUMEC’s generator brand SUMEC FIRMAN entered Nigeria, the “eagle of Africa”, 25 years ago. With the rapid development of the Nigerian economy, SUMEC FIRMAN has grown into the leading brand of Nigerian generating equipment.

    The sales team of SUMEC’s generator brand SUMEC FIRMAN for the Nigerian market recently in conjunction with local distributors initiated the 2015 Children Care plan, visiting two orphanages in Lagos, Compassionate Orphanage and Citadel of Grace Mission, with daily necessities for the children there, including items as food, water, nutriments, toys, books, and generators.


Children got up early waiting at the gate on the day of the event, welcoming Chinese friends with warm and cheerful applause. The Director introduced the detailed history of the orphanage and children’s learning, living and health conditions, and noted that SUMEC is the first Chinese enterprise to visit their orphanage. He also expressed his hope that more enterprises will raise concern for orphans in Nigeria. After joyfully making the little wish tree, children expressed their gratitude to their Chinese friends by singing songs. Everyone was touched by the pure and melodious sounds.

With many disadvantages such as an economic downturn, an oil price slump, and government succession, Nigeria has recently incurred a sharp currency depreciation and USD deflation. What is worse, the Nigerian Government has recently issued a series of policies increasing tariffs, which has impacted the market and people’s livelihoods. To better introduce products to end users and improve service, SUMEC FIRMAN has implemented the marketing service strategy of “Getting close to end users, developing both online and offline”, establishing brand flagship stores as a combination of sales, display, after sales service, as well as maintenance in major cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Uyo to improve local service. Online, SUMEC FIRMAN has joined with “Nigerian Taobao” Konga and “African Amazon” Jumia to establish franchised stores, holding 24-hour interactions with users. Moreover, as a generating equipment brand leader in the Nigerian market, SUMEC FIRMAN has organized many SUMEC engineering conferences, vigorously cultivating Nigerian professionals. The company gives attention to the living conditions of Nigerian orphans, implementing the Children Care plan to help more Nigerian children grow up in a 

healthy manner. Charity activities this year have aroused significant responses amongst Nigerian partners, who have declared that they will participate in future activities.

Based on the principle of “Integrating global resources, and sharing human civilization” SUMEC FIRMAN plans to build the African Dream and covey hope together with local partners.